domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

some of my recent favorite records. support the scene by buying vinyl. peace! tracklist: takeshi kouzuki - nothing sunny (kinda soul recordings) massimiliano pagliara - i'll never be (nicholas remix) (live at robert johnson) oskar offermann - u can you to me say (mule musiq) julian raymond smith - string theory feat. borai (simple records) philipp lauer - crawlington (running back) todd terje - nature makes a mistake (jack plug's supernatural dub) (running back) omar s - the white caslte song (fxhe records) ron trent - kids at play (electric blue) steve poindexter - happy stick (muzique records) ibex - midi aura (ibex music) mutant beat dance - another world (rong music) simoncino - ocean (echovolt records) pyrolator - minimal tape 1/2.3 (bureau b/ ata tak)

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