domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

ad.lib & silvision - collide

ARTIST ad.lib & silvision

REMIXERS Advanced Human
Jeroen Search

TITLE Collide
RELEASE 28th May 2012

STORE Beatport

Zurich, Switzerland. It’s ad.lib & silvision. With their debut “Collide” they build organic soundscapes with pressure on the sub bass signals, monomental and rough techno pieces. the Original version of Collide is filled with variations of fx and chords sequences, never getting bored on this. Next is Jeroen Search remix, almost cathedral techno with incoming fx-lines moving/disappearing, very present & far away. hit!

Advanced Humans Collide remix is marching straight on the techno route, mainfloor bomb.

Path 1 is more experimental with its industrial soundscapes while Path 2 is designed distortion with heart & soul. What a debut!

1. Collide
2. Collide (Jeroen Search Remix)
3. Collide (Advanced Human Remix)
4. Path 1
5. Path 2

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