jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

Machete - Nejnost (LetKolben Remix)

Machete - Nejnost' (LetKolben Remix) by LetKolben

LIRYCS / Machete - Nejnost' (LetKolben Remix):

When I first saw you
That laughter...
Right away you reminded me
Of all
I loved and wanted to be with...
I totally froze,
I had no words...
I hardly uttered anything
Don't think bad of me,
We didn't part yet
But I already want to see you again...
I can't breathe in the smell of your hair.
Can you stay? Fair question
The first kiss...
I've got your name on my lips...
Those are simple words,
But I was proud of them...
There are so many things all around,
But it seems
To be different with you,
I feel that you matter to me.
We were falling asleep holding hands...
I was so scared
Of losing you,
You're so beautiful...
I couldn't listen to your breathing much,
I don't need anything without you, do your hear me!?
We were starting in a dream...
Our path to success...
Our day was long
And filled up with laughter.
We were living out of time,
Never thinking about years or minutes.
Happy like kids.
We were just in love
And shiny as lightbulbs.
You seem to come from another planet.
You don't look like anyone else.
When I talk about you
I get goosebumps on my skin.
We were always on our own,
Why am I so glad...
We're simple kids,
Not Bonny and Clyde.
We think about one another.
Happy to live...
Like invisible beings...
Cracks on the front....
And if you ever ask me
If I have a secret,
I'll say I'm happy,
Because I have you
We'll always be together, listen
I don't need anything in the world without you!!!
I thank heaven,
I thank fate,
That I dedicate this song to you.
With I found out
Who I really was.
All of my fears
Are far away
In this town,
In this appartment,
In this live, in this strange world,
I beg you to stay with me,
You're my love,
You're all I need... Ouch, it hurts... ouch it's hurts... give me tenderness.

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